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VRi – ViRe Instruments was founded in January 2020 by Daniel E.F., Ph.D., a data scientist and Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow from Barcelona, Spain. With extensive experience in the fields of health and technology, Ferrer became aware of the limitations in health services including preventable errors in diagnoses and lengthy medical training that could be improved through innovative technology. VRi’s vision was created by a team of experts in engineering, medicine, and design who recognized the potential of VR and AR technologies in transforming the way medical and educational training is conducted. VRi specializes in developing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for the medical and educational industries.

Daniel Esteban Ferrer


Dr. Daniel Esteban-Ferrer PhD is the CEO of VRi. Recognizing a gap for innovation in bioimaging visualization, Daniel aimed to solve the greatest challenges of bioimaging with 3D visualization and analysis using Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Completing his Ph.D. in Nanotechnology, Daniel was also a Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow for VR and nano-analytical tools. His wide range of analytical and technical skills motivates the bio-imaging standards for VRi. Daniel uses an extensive understanding of technology to design the disruptive 3D bioimaging visualizations and analyses using VR and AI that is VRi.

Joan Ramon Blaya


Joan Ramon Blaya is the Chief Operations Officer of VRi. Joan is a telecommunications engineer with an executive MBA from La Salle Campus Barcelona with more than 15 years of senior experience in management, including strategic direction, innovation management, vendor relationships, and the planning and operation of different departments. He is a member of the Data Science for Digital Society (DS4DS) research group at URL University and combines his professional activity with strategic management and business management classes at Universitat de Barcelona (UB). Joan joins VRi with profound experience in management and entrepreneurship and the goal of optimizing management, marketing, and user experience.

Dr. Joan Fité Matamoros


Dr. Joan Fité Matamoros is the Chief Medical Officer at VRi and a vascular and endovascular surgeon working at Hospital de Sant Pau – UAB. He is an associate professor in the medical faculty at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – campus Sant Pau, and he has been recognized as a Fellow of the European Board of Vascular Surgery (FEBVS) completing his Ph.D. in the field of aortic disease diagnosis. His main fields of interest are vascular disease diagnosis, planning, and innovation in training for young specialists. Joan’s extensive clinical expertise and interest in vascular diagnosis combined with clinical work represent the medical standards at VRI, with the aim of improving patient security and optimizing diagnostic procedures for clinicians.

Jordi-Ysard Puigbò


Jordi-Ysard is the Chief Scientific & Technical Officer at VRi. He holds a Ph.D. in AI applied to neuroscience, a master’s in AI, and a degree in aeronautical engineering. Throughout his career, Jordi has worked mostly in research and innovation for healthcare and retail industries with projects involving computer vision, robotics, data science, VR, and AI, among other technologies. He joins VRi with the goal of using innovative technology to improve people’s well-being.

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